Friday, June 14, 2013

Mom's Super Laundry Sauce

I LOVE this laundry soap recipe! Next time I make it I am going to have to figure out exact measurements as my canning jars do NOT fit on my blender. Very sad.

Just look at all the fluffy goodness!

I swear, I smile every time I use it! Make sure everyone knows it is not to eat, yuk!

I used Zote, so mine came out pale pink. I discovered something neat about Zote. It puffs up in the microwave just like Ivory does. Watch it and if it gets too big, pull off the puffy pieces. I put all the puffy pieces in a gallon zip-loc bag and then crushed them with my hands. Instant powdered soap. Try it in the microwave at your own risk.
How did I discover this? 
Well, I sort of melted part of my food processor grating my bar of Zote and I was out of laundry detergent, and I knew Ivory soap did it, so I tried.

I did not want to post this till I had tried it for a few weeks, but after five weeks, I am still loving it!

I have a food processor dedicated to non-food use, but I did whip this in my regular blender, after all, it is soap.

I keep it in a covered plastic tub in my laundry room. I think it would dry out if left open. I keep an old teaspoon in the tub and add a heaping teaspoon to the wash for each load. I just shake it off the spoon and put the spoon back in the tub. I don't rinse the spoon. Easy, peasy!

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